Sunday, January 24, 2021

US distributor for Enertion quits, sells out leftover Focbox Unity’s in an hour

The situation surrounding Enertion has taken yet another bad turn. As a distributor for Enertion’s Foxbox Unity in the United States has thrown in the towel and will not continue selling Enertion products.

The distributor announced this on the populair e-skating community forum, stating that they could not come to a deal with Enertion and that they were selling at a loss.

The news triggered a panic sale on the Focbox Unity. The distributor stated that they had around 50 left, and sold out within an hour as this might have been the last reliable option to get them.

The Focbox Unity is an affordable and one of the more high quality motor controllers for electric skateboards. It is populair within the Do It Yourself community and was used in Enertion’s own electric skateboards like the Raptor 2.1.

The departure of this distributor is another set-back for Enertion, the Australian electric skateboard company that got in financial stress after issues with their latest model, Raptor 2.1. The company has gone dark a few months ago, with customers still waiting on the delivery of their orders.

US distributor for Enertion quits, sells out leftover Focbox Unity's in an hour 1
Focbox Unity is now sold out permanently on Amazon

Full statement by EnertionBoardsUSA:

We will not be placing any further orders for FOCBOX Unitys.
They were always meant to be a stepping stone towards turning around the Raptor but we haven’t been able to come to deal with Enertion and we are running at a loss with the Unitys so we are pulling our resources out of the electric skateboard space and moving into another product segment within light electric vehicles.

Unfortunately this almost definitely means the end of Enertion (Australia) as I don’t think they have any other option but to declare insolvency. I’m sorry, we really did try to help Jason turn it around.

The good news is that I was told sales from our FOCBOX Unitys were able to give Enertion enough funds to clear all of their Unity back orders so thank you to everyone that purchased from Amazon.

60 day warranty still stands with us, we aren’t going anywhere.

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US distributor for Enertion quits, sells out leftover Focbox Unity's in an hour 3
Kevin Graehl
1 year ago

I have 20 for sale. [email protected]

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