Friday, January 22, 2021

New Guinness World Record for Longest Journey on electric skateboards

Two Australians on electric skateboards cross Texas in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. Watch the guys encounter tornados, flash floods, farm dogs, and trucks—along with some very friendly locals on their journey.

Meet Dwayne Kelly and Dan Roduner – two friends who decided to travel over 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) on electric skateboards.

“The longest journey by electric skateboard is 1,036.42 km (644 m) achieved by Daniel Roduner and Dwayne Kelly (both Australia) in Quanah, Texas, USA, from 19 to 31 May 2019.” – guinness world records

The pair had always wanted to break a Guinness World Record – or set one at least – so they had their transportation made and off they went for 12 days

Speaking to LADbible, Dan, 27, explained: “Mum always bought me the Guinness book every year. I got very close to cracking the record when I was younger with a rogue nipple hair, it was 12.5cm long and 2.5 cm off the record at the time. She got ripped out in a ‘wrestle’ with an ex-girlfriend.

“Knowing that I could challenge myself and help others were the main motivators. I think Dwayne and I both have an abnormal amount of energy which was a big help.”

Dwayne, 31 (and admittedly ‘old enough to know better’), added: “Our friend, Anasiou, is a closet engineer and loves electric skateboards. He asked me if I thought I could ride a board he’d designed across Texas.

“I’m an idiot, and perhaps had consumed more than a few beers, so I said yes. Then he just kind of use good old-fashioned peer pressure of the course of a couple of months to hold me to it.”

Dan advised: “Always say yes to the weird ideas, take you on the most abnormal adventures. Chose your team wisely.”

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Nelson is a writer for LooksDangerous and currently rides a Boosted Mini X, Exway X1 Pro and Segway ES2. Co-founder of dutch lobbygroup LegaalRijden, which focusses on legalizing ESK8 in the Netherlands.


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New Guinness World Record for Longest Journey on electric skateboards 2
Kevin Connelly
1 year ago

you do know a guy crossed the entire USA on an esk8 right? Same guy some years ago did it on push boards a couple times as well

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