Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mellow Boards turned ‘The Ditch’ into ESK8 Pizza Party sessions that you need to visit

Ever since Mellow Boards discovered “the ditch” they knew they needed ride it with their electric skateboards. A few events later and the Pizza Party was born.

The Ditch is a concrete pit that Mellow Boards discovered while filming their first Kickstarter video in Hamburg, Germany. “We had that feeling of wanting to share this unreal place with more people so we decided to make it an event.”

Scabs and scrapes

The thrill about the Ditch is that you ride super fast and slide from one dimension to another, but if you fall you risk heavy consequences. The Gubbel skate crew tells us scabs and scrapes are called pizza in longboarding, so the name Pizza Party was born.

The Ditch has a little stream that runs through, water collects and things grow in corners of the ditch. “We cleared out what we could and the little rain we have received these past two years had made it the driest and cleanest the ditch has been in years.” This unlocked more of the banks so you can ride even wilder than ever before.

Pizza is for everyone

Mellow Boards shares that the Pizza Party is fun for both beginners and pro’s. “We drank beer and ate pizza until the place was ready to ride after a few sweeps of the broom. Our friends from Dresden, Berlin, the local Gurk Squad and friends put it into pro mode and charged at the ditch. We started with non-electric vehicles to warm-up. Beginners came out to learn transition. A mix of e-skaters and old school skaters slowly started to ride harder and harder climaxing at the point when Volker Lux and Philipp Marx were tearing the place up beyond anyone could have ever imagined and turning this dangerous place into a game.”

See the photo report courtesy by Linus Koch, Mathias Lochner & Klaus Wesener below!

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Nelson is a writer for LooksDangerous and currently rides a Boosted Mini X, Exway X1 Pro and Segway ES2. Co-founder of dutch lobbygroup LegaalRijden, which focusses on legalizing ESK8 in the Netherlands.


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Mellow Boards turned 'The Ditch' into ESK8 Pizza Party sessions that you need to visit - - Electric Skateboard, Scooter and Bike news, mods, tricks, tips and more!
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