Sunday, January 24, 2021

International gathering in Paris new milestone for electric skateboard culture

This month will see the start of a new event organized by and Carve Electric. From the 11th till the 14th of July, the electric skateboard community from all over the world will come together in Paris to meet and share their experiences during the Electric Skateboarding Cup. 

Electric skateboarding culture is slowly growing out of its niche. You can join group-ride almost every weekend throughout the world. But sometimes something unique comes along that you can’t miss out on. We sat down with Ricardo, who is part of the team organizing the Electric Skateboarding Cup.

Start of a international collaboration

The Electric Skateboarding Cup started out as a repetition of a smaller event held last year. When Carve Electric UK visited Paris for some holiday group riding.

“Initially we were just going on last year’s meeting molds – a very simple event, with just a couple of rides around town – but the response has been so positive that we decided we had to have something bigger and better, with events to cater for everyone’s wishes.”

British Carve Electric UK came in contact with the French crew of Its Electric during their visit to Paris, and they collaborated closely since then to create the Electric Skateboarding Cup. The crew consists of seven contributors: Cédric [FR], Kris [FR], Ricardo [UK], Lee [UK], Billy [UK], Amanda [UK] and Tim [UK].

Big event, big challenges

Organizing an international event brings all sorts of challenges. And it definitely wasn’t a smooth ride for both teams as they didn’t have any previous experience at organizing events at this scale.

From securing a location to getting sponsors to fund the event. But it all worked out in the end as they were forced to close their ticket sales two weeks prior to the event.

“Another challenge was to convince e-skaters to come, so we came up with a concerted social media strategy to raise the event’s profile. Securing the insurance of the event was also a particularly hard task but, in the end, AXA came to the rescue.”

About their biggest challenge going forward: “The bigger challenge now is to respond to the overwhelming interest we managed to generate – we had to close the ticket office in late June because we wanted to ensure we deliver a quality event for those who supported us from the beginning.”

International turn-up

The organizers expect around 80 e-skaters to participate. Coming from all over the world like the United States, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Portugal and Australia. Next to that they expect around 30 electric skateboard brands to be visiting the event.

“We hope this can become the blueprint for a recurring event and that, in 20 years; time, we will be gathered again somewhere in the world celebrating the memories created in this event and creating new ones.”

Four days filled with activities

The Electric Skateboarding Cup will feature a first ever underground cave ride, group rides throughout Paris, time trials with prices and a Vendor Village where brands can showcase their electric skateboard products.

When we asked Ricardo about his personal highlight: “The highlights are so many that I’d struggle to find a top one. But if I had to choose, it would be the fact that so many people from so many different nationalities and backgrounds are going to be gathered in one single venue, making e-skating history!”

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Nelson is a writer for LooksDangerous and currently rides a Boosted Mini X, Exway X1 Pro and Segway ES2. Co-founder of dutch lobbygroup LegaalRijden, which focusses on legalizing ESK8 in the Netherlands.
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