Saturday, January 16, 2021

How Boosted uses location-based contests to engage riders

Modern retailers beyond the fashion vertical are discovering that it’s not enough to create and launch a product in today’s world. Boosted is one company putting this practice to work in inventive ways.

The first way they did this was through a scavenger hunt. The hunt began with an unpromoted landing page that featured six different latitude and longitude coordinates, the first of which was locked. The remaining five coordinates were ticking.

Boosted fans quickly caught on that there was something happening at these locations—and word started to spread, both online and off.

“It was interesting to see how our different communities started talking about this campaign in spaces like Reddit forums,” said Noriko Morimoto, Boosted’s chief marketing officer.

There was so much interest in the scavenger hunt that by the time the final coordinate was to be released, Boosted ended up having to change the final location at the last minute so the brand representative didn’t get overwhelmed by the crowd of participants.

In the end, the person who arrived at the final coordinate first won a free Boosted Board—and Boosted earned its first Webby Award for this creative activation.

The results were impressive as well: Reviewing the impact of this event, Boosted discovered that not only did the hunt drive a 15% lift in website traffic, but it garnered more than 250,000 video views with a 3.8% engagement rate as well as 1.77 million social photo impressions with a 6.6% engagement rate.

Cities like Los Angeles and Chicago faced off to see who could earn the most points, which were earned by riders recording individual and group rides within the company’s app. Each week, a city was crowned a winner based on points and earned the privilege of bragging rights.

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Nelson is a writer for LooksDangerous and currently rides a Boosted Mini X, Exway X1 Pro and Segway ES2. Co-founder of dutch lobbygroup LegaalRijden, which focusses on legalizing ESK8 in the Netherlands.
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