Saturday, January 16, 2021

Enertion announced production delay for FOCBOX Unity

Australian electric skateboard brand Enertion, known for the Raptor series has announced that there will be a delay for their Unity’s.

FOCBOX Unity’s are an essential element for electric skateboards. These are motor controllers that power and manage your board’s speed, battery and power output. Another feature of the Unity is that it can be updated via wireless firmware updates which makes it easy for DIY users to get the latest features, bug fixes and configurations.

Read the full statement below.

Enertion’s statement:
We know delays are the LAST thing you want to hear about when you’re hanging out to receive the latest tech from us – but when we find ways to improve our products, we want you to benefit immediately.

Our engineers have been busy investigating several reported faults experienced by our DIY-users who used the Unity with higher-powered motors and batteries.

We have already released a firmware update to address these issues and after additional testing and feedback from our users, have determined that the firmware patch successfully solved the issue. During this process, we also identified several ways in which our test jigs could be improved to more stringently test every unit we ship out. This testing requires a complete redesign of our custom jig equipment at a component-based level, which is complex, and needs time to be developed and implemented.

Although our production batch was so close to completion, we needed to send each Unity back through our product test line a second time in order to ensure that these updates could be applied. While this does cut in to our delivery timeline, we are determined to continue to deliver the most reliable and easy-to-use motor controller available today.

If you haven’t received your tracking information for your Unity yet, you can be assured that you will be receiving the latest revision already.

Enertion announced production delay for FOCBOX Unity 1

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